Dienstag, 5. Dezember 2017

December Daily - Day 4 [ENG]

[Werbung, alle genannten Produkte sind selbst gekauft]

Bemerkung: Dieser Beitrag wird aufgrund der internationalen Zielgruppe auf Englisch verfasst sein.

For those of who, who don't know what this is about: December Daily® is a project by Ali Edwards, which gives the chance to document the month of December day by day - or however you wanna do it, there are no strict rules or rights and wrongs. Check her website and blog for more information, please.

Day 4:
Mondays are my long and exhausting days at work, moreover, today I was not feeling so well anyways, so it was a perfect filler day. The last days, I took a couple of filler photos and today was the turn of my poinsettia plant, "Weihnachtsstern" aka "Christmas star" in German.

Again, I used one of those page protectors, which have two 3x4 pockets and one 4x6 pockets. These are definitely my favourites. I only added one photo of my plant and a tiny bit of text on a 4x6 card. I was looking for another card, which I liked better, but couldn't find anything, so I went with this one and it's okay. I added three stickers, which fit the flower, on top of the page protector to make it look less plain. In the top right pocket, there is the back of a card, which I really want to use for day 5 and I was thinking, that the little trees don't really fit the plant, but then again I think they are cute... so I didn't cover them with another card. I just added a number 4 tag - which I got at a local shop.

This was a very quick layout. Perfect for today and it gave me enough time to finish day 2 and 3, which needed their photos. I print them at a local store, so Saturday and Sunday will always have to wait.

6x8 green December Daily® album by Ali Edwards (sold out)
6x8 page protector 
Journal Card Set - Colourful Christmas by Ali Edwards
Classic Christmas Sn@p Cards 2016 by Simple Stories

Merry Merry - Accent stickers by Pebbles 
kraft tag from my stash

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