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December Daily - Day 2 [ENG]

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For those of who, who don't know what this is about: December Daily® is a project by Ali Edwards, which gives the chance to document the month of December day by day - or however you wanna do it, there are no strict rules or rights and wrongs. Check her website and blog for more information, please.

Day 2:
On Saturday, December 2nd, a group of friends and I went to Düsseldorf to meet another friend on the Christmas market. It was an amazing evening, so day 2 got a couple more pages. I thought about keeping it short and adding the rest to my Project Life, but then I decided that I loved the day so much, that I wanted to add more photos.

On the first page, I added a group selfie and a cute cup from McCafé plus a big gold number 2 on a pattern journal card. I only added a camera sticker and the words "all of us" from the sticker bundle to decorate. I prefer less embellishment, as you will notice throughout my book. 
On the right side you can see a 6x8 pattern paper from the current Jasmine Jones mini kit as a background for my printed journaling. I usually handwrite, but when there is more text or I want to add more text on a small card, I type it down. This page, I didn't want to decorate at all, but then it did look kind of empty and I added a blue-ish tree and a "remember" - rubber piece to the bottom. These two as well as the other two stickers on the left page, I adhered to the outside of the page protector. That's something I have done in past every now and then, but want to try more this year as I like the idea of being able to touch things. 


 Then there are two more pages for December 2nd. On the back of the 6x8 page, I glued a "friends" 4x6 card - as it was a great day with my friends - and another pattern paper 4x6 card from a past Story Kit. As I had some white plastic stars in my stash, which look exactly like the cards on the card, I added them to the "friends" card. But this time, I glued them onto the card not the page protector, as I am not sure if they will really stick to anything the way I did it. Onto the pattern paper, I added a 3x4 part group selfie. I wanted to print a full size photo, but as we took them in the dark with the phones' front cameras, the quality isn't good enough to print them in 6x8.
On the last page, I decided for a photo of a huge Christmas tree from the Christmas market, another group selfie and the "we are magic" card, which was part of the Documenter Kit by Studio Calico in September. On top of the selfie, I added a chipboard star and the words "love this", which kind of sums up the whole day.

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