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December Daily - Day 1 [ENG]

[Werbung, alle genannten Produkte sind selbst gekauft]

Bemerkung: Dieser Beitrag wird aufgrund der internationalen Zielgruppe auf Englisch verfasst sein.

I usually write my blog posts in German as I mainly write about books nowadays, but as this will be shared for an international December Daily® group, I'm gonna write it in English. 

For those of who, who don't know what this is about: December Daily® is a project by Ali Edwards, which gives the chance to document the month of December day by day - or however you wanna do it, there are no strict rules or rights and wrongs. Check her website and blog for more information, please.

This is my fourth year doing this project, the second with Ali and her community and I will try to show you my pages throughout the month of December and probably the last pages in January, as I go home for Christmas and usually finish the project in January then. 
I document either from the 1st Advent or the 1st of December, depending on what comes first, till the 26th of December - which is the 2nd Christmas Day in Germany. So this year, I will be documenting December 1st till 26th. 

Day 1:
On Friday, December 1st, me and a friend had tickets to a concert by 2Cellos in Cologne. I got them for a great price, so we went, though only knew them from Youtube so far. And let me say, it was worth it! 2Cellos are really cool!

I'm sorry for the poor photo quality but I don't have any professional equipment and the lights are awful... moreover, I took the photos in the evening as I wanted to get it done today... :-/

I used one of the big tags, we could order with our "give" story kit in November. The "falala" seemed to fit well with a concert. In the bottom right corner, I sticked a red glitter #1 and to the side an Avery Tag which I will write on, once my gold and silver pens arrive. :D I plan to write "2Cellos" on it in gold, so it matches the words on the tag.


On the back of the tag, I sticked the ticket of the concert.
Then I added a 3x4 selfie we took after the concert and a photo from during the concert - it's blurry and totally blue due to the lightning on stage, but I don't care. In the top right pocket, I added a journal card from Jasmine Jones' December Daily® 2016 mini kit. To round it up, I decorated it only a tiny bit with some washi-like stickers and two word phrase stickers. 

6x8 green December Daily® album by Ali Edwards (sold out)
6x8 page protector
Avery Tabs
Glitter foam numbers by Pebbles
December Daily® word phrase sticker bundle by Ali Edwards
Jasmine Jones' December Daily® 2016 mini kit (not available, the digital kit)
big tag "falala" by Ali Edwards (available in November '17 for story kit™ subscribers)

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